Life is Eternal by Dr. Sally Carruthers

Life is Eternal

By Dr. Sally Carruthers

Dr. Sally Carruthers has had the opportunity to be the primary caregiver to both her mother who died of breast cancer and her life partner who died of pancreatic cancer.

Her book, "Life is Eternal", is an account of her life partner's last day on earth and her experience of his passing. She originally wrote the story for her own healing. After showing it to friends and family, they convinced her to have it published.

Her hope is that people will read her story and no longer be afraid to die or lose a loved one. Every time she sells a book, she feels like she is sending out a ray of light.

"This story is my experience of Billís last day on earth and was written in a way that I hope will help people understand that life is eternal. If one person reads this and is no longer afraid to die or lose a loved one, I have reached my goal, and this story has served its purpose."
Dr. Sally Carruthers
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